My First Hand Knit Sweater was a Gift from My Boss

Working for the Creative Director of a major advertising firm was an exciting albeit low paying position.  It was my first Christmas at the agency, having started about seven months prior.  I was really surprised when my manager handed me a pretty large size box.  Inside was a rather plain but very soft pale blue sweater.  The custom label indicated that it was hand knit by someone named Jane.  

It was the most comfortable sweater I have ever owned.  One Hundred percent cotton, it was like wearing comfort food.  When I was feeling low, it was my go to piece.  When I was feeling festive, I also reached for it.  Feeling fabulous, makes you want to look fabulous.  This sweater has a nice drape and clung in all the right places.

Many years later when I learned to knit, the first thing I did was to recreate my first handknit piece.

I hope you enjoy the handknit pieces available here in our store.

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